Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Parisian Escape

For those that read my post in May, "Paris & Popsicle Sticks", you know I'm heading to Paris in celebration of my 40th birthday.  In addition to sipping coffee in numerous cafes with a pocket full of daydreamers, I'll also visit a Parfumerie where I'll select a scent to carry me into my 4th decade.  My last two stops will be a visit to a bakery, where I'll pick up a birthday cake and last, but certainly not least, a visit to Shakespeare and Company in search of a book to carry home.  And for those daydreamers that sent photos, thank you.  Expect a visual of our cafe visit to be emailed in the near future.  Highlights will be posted next week.

  Bon Journee mes amis~

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