Friday, May 17, 2013

Paris & Popsicle Sticks

I have an idea possibly crazier than me for my 40th birthday.  My goal is to have 40 daydreamers join me for coffee in Paris!  Sounds like a tall order for such a vertically challenged individual, but it’s my goal nonetheless. I’m also economically challenged, so it will be 40 photo copied faces on Popsicle sticks that will actually accompany me for a cup of Joe in the “City of Light”.

I'm inviting you, the daydreamer to email an image of you or someone you might like to imagine in a Parisian Café (mom, sister, friend, husband, etc...).  I will then paste the image on a popsicle stick and bring it along with me in search of finding a picture perfect café to sit and sip. You will be emailed an image that will help your daydream become a little more tangible.  An image of us sipping coffee in Paris~

Life often interrupts our dreams: Money (or lack of), family commitments, work commitments, health, basically the realities of life.  Living in Belgium gives me wonderful access to Paris.  My gift to you and me is an experience to remember. 

I will only be able to commit to the first 40 responders.  My teeth can only take so many coffee stains! 

I hope someone, anyone responds.  If not, I’m left to believe there are no more daydreamers and my teeth will remain white (or, Mother of Pearl).

A café in Paris is waiting…. 


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  1. Very nice writing, and I hope to pop by again! Love your stories:-)